PGHR Testimonials

We pride ourself in the services we offer and would like to share the feedback we recieve.

PGHR Testimonials


Services are amazing and very accurate! My shiny Pokémon appears dead on spot as soon as i receive the notification! Keep up the good work guys this system is very helpful and has led me to many shinys. PGHR 5 Star Rating


Just when I thought this server couldn't get any more awesome...out rolls Shiny Notification. This service is truly incredible!!! 7 Shinnies so far today with most having cool downs of ~2min so I was able to catch all 7 (go to #✨member-shiny✨ and you can see each). This program is totally on fire and is a game changer. I have no idea how you guys figured this out but I am so glad that you did. Great job! PGHR 5 Star Rating


I feel the same way as smogdidit... I am able to get the shinies that have been giving me a hard time except for the barboach that I missed 3 times but overall great tool. It is actually worth every penny got my first shiny within 20 mins of setting it up. This service is of the hook I love it, very professional and the shinies are 100% guaranteed will do that sometime againa next week for sure. PGHR 5 Star Rating


I’ve been spoofing for a long time now and besides the spoofing apps themselves this shiny notif is pure badass and certainly a game changer! Not to mention the guys running this are awesome. I’ve known creepy for a while now, he’s a stand up guy and knows what he’s doing. I suggest you give it a try. You’ll be happy! PGHR 5 Star Rating


Thanks for salvaging my birthday ! ! These guys have done it ! This notification system is most definitely a game changer ! PGHR 5 Star Rating


I've been using your service for about 2-3 weeks now, on and off. It's amazing. I'm excited to see where this goes. This is going to be amazing! PGHR 5 Star Rating


Frankly this is great, i have caught more shinies in the past 2 days since i have been using this service than i have caught in the past 2 months, the only drawback i would say are the load timings which can vary but i have seen alternating between 2 devices to logon and catching the shiny works pretty well to counter that. PGHR 5 Star Rating


Worth every penny. doing gods work, appreciate it. Only complaint i can even have is me being asleep for some coords, but overall...absolute game changer. On that note, think i am going to have to do this every week. PGHR 5 Star Rating


By far the best thing out there you guys did a awesome job thanks. This is a game changer. Your poke gods in my book. PGHR 5 Star Rating