PGHR ✨ Notifications

Notifications when your account finds a shiny. Catch the Pokemon in the wild on your own account.

PGHR SHINY Notifications

Watch our ✨ Video:

Please take the time to watch this 1:20 video showing you how you can utilise this process.

About ✨ Notifications:

👉 Access to PGHR Discord Member Shiny Channel
👉 User Guide & Video with Instructions on how to catch your shinys
👉 Personal Notification tag on Discord when your account finds a shiny pokemon
👉 Access to the notifications for 24 hours
(1 ticket equates to 24 hours of notifications)
👉 Multiple tickets CAN be purchased for longer periods of time
👉 A Level 30 Pokemon Account IS required for Shiny Notifications
👉 PGHR can provide a Level 30 Pokemon Account for an additonal small charge if required
👉 $5.00 per ticket

NOTE: For more information, please take a look at our Guide, FAQ & T&C's by clicking the below image

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Shiny Notifications Currently Closed

We will annouce when the service is available again.
Thank You. PGHR