PGHR ✨ Notification FAQ

Notifications when your account finds a shiny. Catch the Pokemon in the wild on your own account. All the FAQ you need to know

PGHR SHINY Notifications FAQ

PGHR SHINY ✨ Notifications✨

👉 Do you want to increase your shiny collection?
👉 Do you want to be notified when your account has encountered a Shiny Pokemon?
👉 Arrive at a location and encounter a Guaranteed Shiny!
✨ We have what you're looking for...

How does it work?

The methods we use to scan and feed our map/discord is done by using real iOS devices. These devices are controlled by an automated process that scan for Gyms, Raids, Pokestops, Quests and Pokemon. All of the information that a device receives is sent back to our server and used to populate the Map & Discord channels. When an account is logged into a device, it will be encountering Pokemon. When a Pokemon is encountered, we can determine if it is Shiny or Not.

How do I know when a shiny is encountered?

When a Shiny is encountered, we save this information for statistics in our Database and also send a notification to a discord channel ✨member-shiny✨ tagging the user of who's account it is that encountered it. As you know, a shiny encounter is unique to every account. Not one Pokemon will be the same for everyone. Utilizing this method, we can notify the user in real time of the encounter.

How do I catch that shiny?

When the user is notified, the notification within Discord will contain the coordinates to the exact location of the shiny Pokemon.
Also within the notification we can tell you the Pokemon Name, Coords, IV, CP, Level, Gender, Moveset, Trainer Name and most importantly, the Despawn time.

Steps to catching:

👉 Log into the Pokemon account from your device.
👉 Copy the coords from the notification and use a Teleport function to jump to that location. 👉 Wait for the spawn to appear and proceed to Catch.

Notice of Importance:

We must inform you of the below information. It is reccomeneded that you read carefully and make sure to understand 100%

Requirement for Service:

👉 We reccomend that you use an ALT account and not your main account.
👉 2. We will require the login details to your account so the account can be logged into the mapping device.
👉 3. The account used must be at least Level 30 (this is the minimum level to gaurentee IV data)
👉 4. You should NOT use the alt account to play on while the account is logged into the mapping device. The device will be encountering in a mapped location and any interaction that causes a cooldown can effect your ability to catch the shiny (abiding to cooldown times)

Points to be made aware of:

👉 When logging into the account on your device to catch the shiny. Load times may be increased. Spawning can sometimes take anywhere from 10sec to a couple of minutes. This is due to the account being logged into the mapper device at the same time you do on a 2nd device to catch your shiny.
👉 Be patient and wait for the spawn to load. If the notification DSP time is good, your shiny will be there.
👉 Once you have caught the shiny, Force close or Log out of that account. Staying logged in can cause the mapper device to slow down scanning time and thus reduce your shiny rates.

FAQ & Answers:

Points to be made aware of:

Q. Do you know where all of our Pokemon feeds originate from?
A. We map it ourselves using iOS devices that then feed into our map and discord for members to utilize. On each iOS device, it is required to sign into a PokemonGo account, to which this account then walks in areas we assign it to. A device will then translate data of Pokemon it comes into contact with. It is this data that the account will read and know whether it is shiny or non-shiny for the specific account being used.
Q: What does this have to do with shiny notifications?
A. Everything! The process of shiny notifications is happening at the same time mapping is being done. We simply put your account on a device for the time being paid for, which we are able to notify YOU directly on when a Pokemon is 100% shiny. You receive notification of this right away, then you are the one to log into your spoofing app, teleport to the coordinates we tag you for, and encounter/attempt to catch the Pokemon!
Q. Shiny Notification Steps
A. 1. You will check on an alert that you will receive from a Discord channel where your notification, coordinates, and Pokemon details will be available
2. Copy the coordinates provided to you
3. Teleport to those coordinates and encounter the Pokemon you were notified of
Q: How many shinies will i be notified of?
A: This depends on the account and how many encounters are made with the account. There is no fixed number as shiny rates are totally random. What we do know is on average you are looking at a shiny for every 1/400 encounters (approx)
(Our recent feedback on accounts that have run this process are picking up approximately 20-50 notifications per 24hrs

Q: When will i receive the notification
A: You will be tagged on Discord in a Shiny notification channel using your Discord ID. These notifications can come at any time of the day. The notification is sent seconds after the encounter is made.

Q: Can i choose the area that the device will be scanning in?
A: At this time, No. We will place the mapping device in a hotspot location where we know there are spawns in plentiful. This increases the chances due to the increased encounters.

Q: Can i choose what shines i will get?
A: No. Unfortunately, the mapping device will encounter every Pokemon in its proximity, therefor any of the encounters could have the potential to be shiny.

Q: Can i trade the Shiny to my Main Account?
A: Yes. As the shiny is caught in the wild, you can trade it to any other account.

Q: I don't fully understand how this works, can you help me?
A: Please feel free to contact one of the Admins who will be happy to help your further.

Terms of Acknowledgement:

PGHR Disclaimer
PGHR Shiny Notification Disclaimer/Notice
👉 By submitting payment to PGHR for shiny notification use, you are acknowledging and agreeing with to the following terms set forth by PGHR, to which they apply to any person who utilizes the service.
👉 An alternate PokemonGo account is encouraged to use, but not mandatory. We are not responsible for any issues that occur with the account during its shiny notification use.
👉 It is strongly advised that you use a PokemonGo account that is secondary to your main account, along with an account that has less than 70 items in its items storage bag. The mapping program we utilize to bring about shiny notification system makes it so that any account with over 70 items in its storage bag will empty ALL items EXCEPT for raid passes and ex raid passes. This is not something that we can change, so please be cogniscent of the reality behind what account you decide to use.
👉 We advise a Pokemon Trainer Account be used. It is understood that any other forms of login (e.g. Facebook, Gmail Accounts) is by the members choice and PGHR is not responsible for anything any issues that may happen occur related relating to the account details being provided
👉 Shiny notifications are different for everybody, which means one account may have more notifications than another in the same time period. From data we have gathered, it has been observed that accounts with less shinys in storage and accounts at lower levels have significantly better odds at encountering shiny Pokemon than their counterpart (i.e. higher levels & more shinys in storage).
👉 Pokemon storage on the account being provided for shiny notifications MUST NOT be FULL. If a Pokemon storage is full, then it will not scan/encounter any Pokemon. This means zero shiny notifications would be provided during the time period that a storage is full due to Pokemon not being scanned.
👉 If a refund is requested, it is under the discretion of PGHR staff on whether a refund can and or will occur