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A live map of Pokemon, Gyms, Raids, Quests, Team Rocket invasions and much more.

PGHR PokemonGo Map

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PGHR Live Map

About our Map 🗺

👉 Pokemon Menu
⤷ Turn Pokemon view On/Off
⤷ Filter Pokemon to either show or hide by ID/Name
⤷ Filter Pokemon to either show or hide cy IV/Level
⤷ Filter by IV and or Level
⤷ Filter by Big Karp & Tiny Rats

👉 Pokestops & Quests
⤷ Filter by Lured Only
⤷ Filter by Quests Only
⤷ Filter by Team Rocket Invasions

👉 Gyms & Raids
⤷ Filter by Gyms Only
⤷ Filter by Raids Only
⤷ Enable Raid Timers & Only Active Raids
⤷ Search by Raid Levels
⤷ Search by Open slots - Min & Max settings
⤷ Search for Ex Raid Gyms only

👉 Location & Search
⤷ Display Pokemon encounter range
⤷ Search for any location using the Location Search
⤷ Enable "Start map at my position"
⤷ Enable "Start map at last position"
⤷ Enable "Follow Me"

👉 Notifications
⤷ Personal Pokemon Notifications
⤷ Notification by Rarity
⤷ Notification by Level
⤷ Notification of Minimum Raid Level
⤷ Notify with Sound, Bounce or Push Notifications

👉 Style & Areas
⤷ Change the map Style (Dark Mode, Street map)
⤷ Change Icon Size
⤷ Change Gym Marker Style
⤷ Increase Notified Pokemon Size
⤷ Areas: One-Click link to currently active areas

Access to PGHR Map 🗺

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