About PGHR Maps

All about us, what we do and what we stad for.

Who 💙 We Are?

PGHR Discord Members

Our Vision

To provide PokemonGo players with a fun and welcoming environment where community, guidance, and information/resources are readily available to each member who joins!

What We Do for You?

PGHR is an acronym that stands for PokeGo Hunts & Raids. This helps describe our foundation and our ability to provide resources for PokemonGo players with accessing coordinates of Pokemon, raids, quests, and other needed or in demand resources/information many may find difficult to attain elsewhere. With our Discord, PGHR provides FREE channels to members (e.g. 100IV, Shundo, Tier 5 raids, etc.). Our world renown shiny hunts remain a favorite as well, with 100IV hunts, newly released shiny locations, and other in demand coordinates are commonly posted during the hunts that regularly held.

The coordinates we provide are scanned by our own technological resources, which the same coordinates accessible in our Discord channels are also available on our LIVE MAP. The LIVE MAP requires Discord authentication, but once it is accessed, it provides an array of imagery to aide PokemonGo players with accessing the resources of PGHR Discord from another outlet.


PGHR was founded on the basis of community and accessibility. This premise simply means that we believe that no PokemonGo player should be limited due to their inability to pay and/or lack of financial resources. Providing equality to accessing resources expands beyond finances, with us wanting to ensure members feel comfortable and welcome regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, and any other creed or characteristic that one may feel as an outsider with other places.